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Google will Launch ‘Assistant’ to Compete With Apple’s ‘Siri’

Google is currently developing a voice-enabled service called ‘Assistant’ for smartphones that run Android 5.0 Jelly Bean and is planning to release it in the fourth quarter of 2012. ‘Assistant’ will be a competitor to Apple’s ‘Siri’.

Apple’s ‘Siri’ is the virtual personal assistant which was the reason behind the tremendous sale of iPhone 4S. Google’s ‘Assistant’ will be considered as a rival to ‘Siri’ and will have a lot more features than ‘Siri’. Google’s ‘Assistant’ won’t be a mere voice assistant but will also help users make decisions.

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A TechCrunch report says that the Android team is developing a voice-powered ‘do engine’ that will be powered by Google’s own search engine, Google +1 and the Google+ social network. It also adds that, unlike Siri, Google will open Assistant’s API to developers so that they can make use of the features in their apps that they develop for the Android market.

A report from Venturebeat said, “Further adding fuel to this rumor fire, Google applied for a patent that sounded quite a bit like Siri a few weeks ago. That patent was targeted for Google TV, but based on Google’s history, it will use this technology across all of its services.”

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