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Google Works Towards Making Phones Act As credit cards

Every day things get better and better, there are always people around you working in some way with the idea of having a better tomorrow. Yes, this time its Google that’s in the spot light, for it has come up with a new idea of making your phone into a credit card. What? You may ask, but its true, Google is on a path to joining hands with Mastercard and Citigroup to make this happen .Now you could soon expect the Android users shopping with their phone to access their purchases.

This is not too far fetched, for there are already apps that exist and facilitate its users to scan their phone’s screen for rewards cards, like the app Keyring that serves the same purpose. For the Android devices are equipped with NFC chips, in future even that wouldn’t be necessary. People believe that it would be a very easy way to pay for their needs, for all you need to do is pass your phone infront of the scanner and your done, the product is yours.

Even though, some fear that this would create an even more reason to steal your phone and cause insecurity, many feel that it would not be a problem at all. And just in case if your phone gets stolen you just bar your access to your purchases using your phone, just as you do with your Credit Cards. Many like the idea and feel its very handy as they do not forget their phones as much as they forget their wallets. However the idea is yet to be implemented, but it would be out soon offcourse, so lets keep our fingers crossed.

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