Hidden Gallery Vault: The App Securing Your Privacy in Style!

App Concept

Let’s face it; we all have those delicate videos and pictures we would want to keep to ourselves and away from prying eyes. The Hidden Gallery Vault app enables you to tuck these files into secrecy, safe from stumbling and curious fingers tapping where they should not be exploring. Be it that funny work video you wouldn’t want anyone else sharing, or the kind of clip that would land you in trouble with your partner, you can ease your fears via a strongly encrypted vault. What’s more, the app not only allows you to store such files but also has the ability to camouflage as a calculator so that snoopers are none the wiser!  

Features of the app

Available on the Google PlayStore, users enjoy these functionalities:
  • A convenient management system that sorts out your phone’s files and media for easy access
  • An intruder snap feature that lets you in on who has been trying to breach your privacy by entering false passwords
  • Convenient hiding or unhiding of files as and when you need to
  • A state-of-the-art virtual vault backed by a revered AES encryption algorithm that ensures zero vulnerability to underhand manipulation.
  • A calculator façade that ensures the app blends in without suspiciously standing out in your app list

How it works

You’ll need to download the app and set up account details, including your desired passcode and security questions for when you forget the former. The next time you open up the app, it will take you to a calculator home screen where you’ll need to enter your access digits, followed by the “=” sign to gain passage to the real home screen. Here, the management system categorizes files into convenient tabs including, Videos, Pictures, and Audio, so that you can quickly find what you’d like to store in the vault. To do the opposite, i.e. decrypt saved files, you simply need to long-press on that file in the vault gallery, which will reveal recovery options.  

Why it’s satisfyingly different

The problem with many apps of this nature is that there are loopholes to exploit. One common one includes uninstalling, which brings secret videos flooding back to their original locations. However, that’s not the case with the Hidden Gallery Vault App. If someone is onto you and would like to try this out, they would be unsuccessful thanks to the AES security measures, one of which deletes stored files when uninstalled. Additionally, because of its first-rate algorithm, you need not worry about hacking or software manipulation by the tech-savvy. Its calculator smokescreen, which by the way functions just like any standard calculator, also adds perfect icing to a very well-made cake.
Make your world private again by downloading the Hidden Vault Gallery app!

Price:  Free

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