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HTC – On The Path To Success

It’s time to rejoice, for HTC has received returns that are beyond their expectations. This is one investment they’ll never forget. Their decision to invest in Android is far better than the best deal they have made. With sales hiking up the charts from last year’s $657 million to this year’s $1.35 billion, in April 2011 and $1.42 billion, in May 2011, this is something that they least expected when they made a deal, but now are more than happy to have done so.

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Well, the bar doesn’t stop rising here for there is more to come as this grand total excludes HTC’s newest prize winners, the EVO3D and the Sensation which are bound to fetch them some more green. Looks like HTC has just hit the jackpot and they are sure to have a lot more in the days to come.

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