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Shortcut Widgets Concept

Phones have greatly evolved over the past couple of years. While 20 years ago, mobile devices had limited apps and had only calling and messaging functions, today’s generation can do much more than that. When once a phone’s app list could barely reach into double digits, it’s not common to see devices with more than 100 apps installed. Consequently, scrolling about to find the app you need every now and again has become a chore that needs to be addressed, and that’s where Shortcut Widgets steps in to help. Providing app shortcut options and an ability to group applications into various folder categories, Shortcut Widgets ensures you spend less time looking for what you need and more time actually using it.


Features of the App

You can download Shortcut Widget on the Google PlayStore for about ₹50.00, to get access to these features:

  • Easy shortcut options to ensure elusive apps are at convenient locations on the home screen to save you time and trouble
  • Create folder widgets so you can store common apps or those you frequent the most
  • Personalize each folder widget by configuring it to your liking from the configure option on the home menu
  • Widget columns that make for an aesthetic arrangement of apps and folders


How it works

You can create a shortcut widget by long-pressing on an open space on your home screen, after which you’ll choose “shortcut widgets” from the subsequent menu. A list of your apps will appear, and you can drag and drop one to your desired location. Alternatively, you can long-tap the target app directly for a shortcut widget option.

Why it stands out from the rest

The Shortcut widgets app keeps things safe and simple, providing a unique organizational tool that allows users to group shortcuts into folders as well. It’s also really cool that the company is giving away free versions so that anyone who would like a trial run can have that. This app excels in its primary agenda and it’s one that clears up a stuffy home screen with ease. Be sure to give it a try!


Price: ₹ 50.00


Download from Android Market

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