Meet the Notepad App That Ensures Nothing Strays from Memory

App Concept

Have you ever had this really great idea you’re itching to scribble down on paper, but you’re miles away from stationery? Or have you ever forgot to do something and only remembered to do it way after it was necessary? We all have things that slip from our minds from time to time, from special days of our loved ones to studying for that end year test, and we could use a place of reference to make things clear when the mind seems so foggy. The Keep Quick Notes app does that for you, ensuring you don’t have to bring with you a piece of paper and pen thanks to the digital alternatives. Save the dates or new words you’ve picked up recently, even your to-do list, on an app that ensures your brain has the backup it needs!


You can find the Keep Quick Notes app on Google’s PlayStore, where it’s exclusively available for Android download. As for the features, you can look forward to:

  • Several background color options for users to choose from including the default white, light green, and dark tangerine among many others that make up the nine color palette
  • Store endless notes you need in an organized list-like manner
  • Favorite your most treasured notes so that they appear at the top of the line
  • A lookup feature that lets you scour endless notes in a second to find what you need from a bulging list

How it works

From the home screen, tap the ‘plus’ button at the bottom to prompt a blank note where you can write what you need in the title and description sections of the document. If you aren’t impressed by the default white of the background or would simply like a change, hit the palette icon at the top to reveal the nine available and select the one you like. To delete documents, you don’t need any anymore, long-press that particular title from the home menu and a trash icon will appear at the top. Clicking on it will do away with the highlighted file after you confirm the action.

Why it’s different from the rest

Simple and without too much fuss over what it offers, the Keep Quick Notes app stands out for its non-complicated nature and the way it goes about its business, ensuring you can go about yours without too much trouble. The ability to shift between a generous collection of background hues is also a rare attribute that earns our nod.

This app is great not only for those who constantly forget stuff but also for people who crave organization in their lives. It can double up as a to-do list app, ensuring you know when and where you need to be. Alternatively, it can serve as a great place to keep a holiday itinerary!


Price:  Free 


Download from Android Market

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