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NSA Develops a Top Secure Android Device

The U.S National Security Agency has developed its own super-secure Android handset that allows the US Government staff to discuss top secret and sensitive information over the phone.

Code-named “Fishbowl”, this device uses strong encryption techniques to make secure phone calls. The device relies on an unidentified VOIP app, similar to Skype and all the calls will be routed through dedicated NSA servers. The open source Android platform is modified to suit the device’s functionality. The device also employs off-the-shelf components.

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Margaret Salter, Head of NSA’s Informatioon Assurance Directorate said, “The plan was to buy commercial components, layer them together and get a secure solution. It uses solely commercial infrastructure to protect classified data.”

The Government agents will be able to install defense related apps from an app store run by the US Defense Information Systems Agency. This would ensure that only secure apps have been installed.

Moreover, the Android operating system and the key store have been customized, so that secret conversations can be made more securely. So far, about 100 devices have been manufactured and distributed to the Government officials for testing.

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