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Odd Alarm: Waking up Made Fun and Unmissable!

App Concept

Alarm clocks; we dread them, sometimes outrightly hate them, but we can’t live without them. We’d probably be late for work all the time, miss that vital reminder to turn in your homework by deadline day, or snooze past appointments if they didn’t exist. And because they jolt us from bed when slumber seems to be at its most enjoyable, they are often the subject of scorn and stray punches simply because they do their jobs right! The odd alarm app looks to change the perception of alarm systems, offering a unique solution that ensures you can wake up to those sounds you love or are most annoyed/ sensitive to e.g., the sound of your pet possibly vomiting on your sheets! It breaks away from overused tones and tunes, offering you the ability to wake up just the way you like it, or don’t like it, whichever you prefer!


Available for both Google and Apple downloads, both iOS and Android users are privy to:

  • A wide range of smart alarm functionalities involving reminders to sleep, exercise, wake up, drink water or remember that crucial anniversary
  • A lovely UI, including beautiful sliding knobs for alternating between time divisions that let you finetune your alarm easily
  • Annoying and sensitive sounds that are guaranteed to startle you from the deepest of slumbers
  • A wide range of sounds, some of which include missile launches, gunfire, and smoke alarms, to name a few. You are sure to find the sound that ticks you off or tickles your fancy, depending on how you’d like to be woken up or reminded.
  • A repeat feature that lets you automatically recreate reminders or notifications without having to start from scratch each time

How it works

You can find all the functionalities you need from the homepage, which splits the day into three dimensions. The first is a pm, am slider, with the second and third being the hour and minute sliders respectively that you can use to set your alarms accordingly. The repeat bar in the middle allows you to replicate the alarm across the week, while the alarm volume knob on the bottom lets you set the volume.

Why it’s unique

Who says you have to wake up to the same tones you’ve heard countless times over the years? The odd alarm ensures users break away from this monotonous routine, injecting a new spin on ordinary alarms. Wake up to that sound that troubles you the most, or that which you enjoy above all else, so you that never miss a date, meeting, work, school, gym, or whatever it is you need to get done!

Price:  Free 


Download from Android Market

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