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People prefer Android for Apps, iOS for Games

A recent study suggests that Android users prefer apps, while iOS users go for games.

According to Xylologic’s new research, apps enjoy the majority of downloads in the Android Market. In November there were 85 apps in the top 150 downloads of Android Market, but in the App Store there were only 50 apps in the top 150. Android apps account for 91,500,000 downloads, while iOS apps stand at 33,420,000 downloads.


On the other hand only 65 games were downloaded by Android Users, but iOS users downloaded 100 games. Last year there were 116 apps in the top 150 downloads of Android Market and 71 apps in the App Store’s top downloads. This recent study shows mobile games are in the rise. Google, Facebook and Rovio are among the top publishers for Android.

Xylologic’s statistics represents only the free apps in the Android Market and the App Store.


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