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Pilot Flying J: Why You Can’t Leave Home Without It!

App Concept

Traveling can be hard, especially if you’re setting out on a journey into unchartered territory. If you constantly scour unknown towns across the U.S. or traverse huge states with hundreds of miles of uncertainties between them, Pilot Flying J is the journey guide you need to shed light on the unknown. Be it where to sleep, a good place to just relax and take a shower, a stop with the best food, or the most trusted service centers, this travel app answers all the pressing questions that pertain to long journeys on the road. Don’t stuff your dashboard with huge maps, as all you need is a smartphone and this trusty app by your side.

Pilot Flying J Features

  iOS and Android users can smile at the availability of Pilot Flying J on both stores, and also because of the following reasons:

  • A free birthday meal and a free cup of coffee for every 10th cup with the coffee club!
  • A digital library that stores receipts, mapping your financial trail for the previous 18 months.
  • An innovative route planner that sorts amenities en-route allowing you to filter what you need with ease.
  • Detailed information about what different stops have to offer, including the types of restaurants, fuel prices, RV accommodations, number of truck parking slots and showers, among other useful information.
  • Professional drivers benefit from a mobile fueling feature and the ability to reserve showers so that they spend less time in line by handling these transactions through the app. They can even earn a free shower credit for fueling with myRewards.

Working of the App

You can choose one of three driver profiles once you sign up, including RVer (users of RVs), auto traveler, or professional driver. Based on your selection, the app functions toward the nature of the profile. You can then “plan a trip” from the row of options on the tail bar, via the “Find” tab. Other selections on the bottom menu include “Fuel,” which allows professional drivers to initiate their fueling transactions in advance and generate a passcode for the dispenser at the station. There are also Home, Reward, and Profile buttons on the same row.

Why Pilot Flying J is hugely different from its imitations

Pilot Flying J has an abundance of options, including more than 135 roadside assistance locations, upwards of 72,000 parking spaces, and retail locations to the tune of 750 places across the United States. There’s seemingly nowhere you’ll go that Pilot Flying J can’t follow. Through the app’s expansive offerings and the countless amenities, the Pilot Flying J app stands head and shoulders above similar apps on the market. The success of Pilot Flying J also has a lot to do with the impressive record of the two travel companies that make up the name, with both merging to form the country’s biggest travel center chain. A must-have tool for truck drivers and casual travelers, Pilot Flying J is one that you should always have at the ready!  

Price:  Free


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