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Silk Browser Can be Installed in any Android Device

It looks like Silk Browser is no longer exclusive to Kindle Fire as it can be ported to other Android devices now.

With the Kindle Fire, Amazon introduced a new browser, Silk, to make web surfing faster, by utilizing the power of cloud technology. This is one of the reasons why Kindle Fire became over-hyped when it was first announced. Now XDA developers has come out with a solution to port the Silk Browser to any Android Device.

silk-browserrel=“nofollow”>However, after downloading and using this browser on other devices, many users reported that the browser is by no means any faster than the others. A few other complained that they have ended up with a down time of 1-3 seconds due to the lags caused by the cloud-based caching of the browser. A few among them accepted that this browser reduced the bandwidth consumption.

If you are interested in trying out Silk Browser, please visit XDA website for step-by-step instructions.

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