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Concept behind WELD

How many hours of physical exercise do you get in a week? Or rather, do you even remember the last time you worked out? And what do you do to safeguard your mental well-being? If you’re finding these questions hard to answer, you’re not alone. In a world where work and school, among many other distractions, take up most of our schedules, it can be hard to keep up with putting in time for the good of your body. WELD is here to ensure you do that, offering a wellness, exercise, lifestyle and diet center to give you all the help you need. In a nutshell, WELD ensures you take charge of your spiraling fitness and general well-being for a better tomorrow.

App features

Be it dieting, exercising, among a host of other wellness needs; WELD offers a wide range of services to line up with your deficiencies. This Android/iOS app is available for download on both stores, and it offers the following functionalities:

  • Convenient appointments that can be held at a location of your choosing to make the most of a busy day
  • Day and night service availability so that you can indulge that workout craving whenever it crops up or have a session whenever time allows
  • Location-based services ensuring you get the service you need by enlisting services only a stone’s throw away
  • Part-payment options for WELD sessions as opposed to paying the whole amount upfront
  • A personalized feature that lets you get alone time with the tutor if you’d like a one v one session beyond group settings
  • So many service niches at your disposal including boxing, old age training, and cardio among many others on a list that encompasses more than 90 specialties

How WELD Works

Sign up on WELD and reserve appointments via the app at your time and place of convenience. You get exactly what you pay for as the sessions are charged per seating as opposed to contemporary fitness establishments that feature a periodical subscription where you pay for services even when you don’t use them. WELD not only serves up an endless list of fitness and wellness selections but also gives users the opportunity to make some money via rewards and referral programs.

Why WELD is towering above the competition

Would you like some assistance with your lifestyle? Does your dieting need sorting out or is your exercise routine not working out for you? The app can help you with all of that. WELD delves beyond the physical needs of human wellbeing tackling often overlooked mental aspects that are just as important, perhaps even more so in today’s dog eat dog world, and that’s why WELD is unique. Moreover, its visual dashboard that keeps statistical track of your progress is quite helpful, and so is the rating-guided marketplace.

WELD is the fitness guide you need to keep in shape!


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