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Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper For Android

Looks like we have a storm heading our way, yes! for Android has come up with a ‘Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper’. Umm… wondering what that would look like??, well if you own any android device that is Android 1.5 and above you’ll be able to take advantage of this wall paper, the wall paper comes with bright attractive colors that come alive on your screen with a few adjustments that you make. The wallpaper exhibits high end graphics, with colors that can be changed to your desire, .. want a red lightning bolt?? well you can have it in any color that you want.


Change colors and frequency of lightning bolts, change the color of the clouds in the back ground to make things look different everyday and you can also try out the spooky rainy day look. Well, that’s what I call it. Along with this we also have the landscape mode for those who have third party home screen replacement apps. So why not go check it out for yourself, you can download it at the apps database, or head on to the android store for easy access. Check out the video of the app, to get a glimpse of its exciting features,

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