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Tips for Android Users to Optimize Home Screen

The dominance of smartphones has been ever increasing, though everybody cannot master these devices. Without any doubt, Android is one of the trickiest platforms out there. These following tips can help you deal with the home screen of your Droid.

Turn off mail alert: Open Gmail settings (Menu – More – Settings) and select Silent (Notification settings – Select ringtone – Silent). However, you will be still getting alerts on the notification panel at the top of your screen, whenever a new mail arrives.


Favorite sites at home page: Open the browser and go to Bookmarks (Menu – Bookmarks). Long-press the site you want to add to the home screen and select ‘Add shortcut to home’ option from the pop-up.

Add folders: Adding folders is a great way to keep the home screen organized. Long-press the blank space and select ‘Folder’. You can add frequently used apps and other shortcuts to this newly added folder.

One touch dialing: Long-press the empty space, select Shortcuts and touch ‘Direct dial’ to pick a person from contacts. ‘Direct message’ enables one-touch texting.

Make the most of your space: You can find widget-dynamic programs in the Android Market, which can operate right on your home screen. Long press the blank space and simply select the widget from the pop-up menu to find them in a huge variety of sizes and functions. You can select the one you want from there.

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