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YouMail Features Call Blocking in Android Phones

YouMail, an Irvine California based company has recently released a new feature in its ‘YouMail’ and ‘WhoAreYou?’ Android applications. Android phone owners can now block unwanted callers permanently with the help of this feature.

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Users of YouMail can click on the “Ditch” option to block callers, whenever they receive calls from unwanted numbers. Blocking a number causes the calls from that number to no longer ring on the phone. Moreover, this feature prevents the blocked caller from leaving any messages and it sends a message automatically to that caller stating that the number is out of service, whenever they call.

“Cell phones have become many people’s only way to communicate, which forces them to give out their cell number in ways that can ultimately lead to unwanted calls.” said YouMail CEO Alex Quilici.
He added, “As the mobile number increasingly becomes the primary number, the annoying calls once reserved for ‘land lines’ are beginning to shift to those mobile phones. YouMail’s WhoAreYou app and YouMail’s visual voicemail service provide an exceedingly simple solution to solving that problem.”

Quilici mentioned that this feature is introduced in response to requests from users who were tired of receiving calls from telemarketers, debt collectors and other unknown numbers.YouMail remains the strongest weapon against them.

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