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Baby ESP App Review

Not many of us can afford to stay at home very long after we have a baby, especially for those working single mom’s, its very hard to cope up with having a baby and minding a carrier at the same time. My deepest regards and respect go to such women all around the world. The real thing that you have to appreciate is, how they strive to meet the needs of their children amongst all their problems. Hats off to those wonderful women.


Keeping such mothers in mind, a few very talented developers have come together to share our troubles by bringing us “Baby ESP”. Baby ESP is a device that is going to help you by tracking all the activities of your baby in a day. Right from eating, to napping and even pooping ;).

This device helps you to jot down all the important details making you prepared for everything even before it happens, helping you calculate when he’ll be hungry again, or when he might need another diaper change, or if your adding a few more thing to his diet or medicine, it also helps you keep track of the changes seen in your baby.

So if your on your way to work and dropping off your little baby boy at grandma’s or at the babysitters all you need to do is add all the details about his last nap and last meal eaten or the last time his diaper was changed to the app and your next sitter has all the information that they need. This will also ensure mistakes like over feeding the baby and such might not happen.

So looking into the details that your going to find on the app, basically you could track your baby’s nap cycles and night sleeps, the number of breast feeding sessions, the number of bottle feedings, diaper changes on a day, medicine intake and time taken and duration in between doses, make a note of the baths and more. It really comes in handy when your having twins and triplets for it allows you to keep a note of more than one child which might become confusing in the long run without the app. It also gives you quick access top from the widget as well.

Well there’s more, if you need to pass on the information to your mom or baby sitter who’s going to be looking after your baby, does this mean you have to leave your device with them?. Definitely not, you could sync your data between multiple devices so Mom and Dad can keep up with your baby!. You could make charts that show the changes in your baby over a period of time. Maintain a daily journal of pictures and notes on your adorable baby.

Share stuff with your friends on face book or twitter, send out details to your babysitter through email if she doesn’t have a device, customizable main screen for details that you access the most. The app is very efficient and helps you keep on track with all your baby business, for we just can’t afford mistakes. The app will give you peace of mind knowing that everything will be carried out in an orderly fashion even when your not around your baby. Be wise and make the right choice that make you and your baby a happy couple 🙂

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