Battery Indicator App Review

Well we all know how it feels when we run out charge on our battery especially when we need it for an emergency. Most of the time when I look at the icon on the upper right hand side corner I see that there’s a lot more that will help me last through the day, but unfortunately my phone switches off during the early evenings and I find myself crippled. Well that how it feels like, when I am without my phone.
Thanks to the “Battery Indicator App” things have gotten a lot better , in fact its all fine now and I don’t have to worry about not being in contact with my kids anymore, or traveling home late by myself on those lonely roads. So the battery indicator tells me the exact amount of charge that I have left. I also have a notification bar that tells me when my phone was taken off charge, this helps me calculate the total number of hours that my phone has been working, from the time I pulled it off charge, when you tap on that the app tells you the number of hours that you have left for usage on different levels of usage that you employ, which could be heavy, light or normal. This is however not determined completely by the app itself, you have to input the details and the app works out the percentage.
Besides this the app also shows you the number of hours that you have been unplugged for and you can set it for the hour of your choice weather its five or twelve hours and your phone would give you a notification. Then you could also store in the number of hours that your phone takes to charge on your USB and the number of hours that it would take to charge in through your AC. On doing this, if you need to disconnect your phone from your charger, your phone would indicate the number of hours you have left to charge. Now with this you could make sure you’ve got the right amount of charge in your battery all the time.

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