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Audiobooks For Android – Experience The Joy Of Listening To Books

Most of us like listening to stories being narrated instead of reading them from books on our own. Audiobooks are books read out by someone and can be played using a suitable audio player. What would it be like to have audiobooks stored on your mobile? Perplexed about how it can be done? All you need to do is install a new app called ‘Audibooks for Android’. Listening to books couldn’t be more exciting!


About the app:

‘Audiobooks for Android’, an app used to download and listen to audiobooks, lets you feel the joy of “listening” to books. With the help of this app you can download up to 2 audiobooks at a time using Wi-Fi for offline listening or stream audiobooks instantly from the library of more than 15,000 bestsellers and new releases.

Working of the app:

‘Audiobooks for Android’ has plenty of cool and amazing features in it. Create an account and log in, after installing the app. The ‘Features’ option lists the hot titles and new arrivals. On selecting an audiobook, you can see a small description about the book, the details of the author and narrator and the length of the audio. You can listen to it by tapping the play now button. While listening to the audio, you have an option to save it for later use. Playback can be easily resumed if there is any interruption in between, like an incoming call.

‘Audiobooks for Android’ allows you to browse for audiobooks that are listed under several different categories like horror, history, business etc. You can download the one you need or listen to it online. The app has a convenient search tool to find audiobooks using keywords. The ‘My books’ option lets you save your favorites to your personal list. This app gets updated automatically with new books and latest releases.


‘Audiobooks for Android’ is a useful app which has been designed for easy understanding. There were a few times when I faced problems while downloading and playing books. Nevertheless, listening to audiobooks through the mobile using this app is an amazing experience.

‘Audiobooks for Android’ is a free app which requires Android 2.2 or later versions.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/ 5

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