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Pokemon Go Strategies Trainers Need to Start Doing Now to Become the “Very Best”

The phenomenon that is Pokemon Go is fast transcending its status as a mere gaming app; it’s becoming a way of life. Without a doubt, a lot of users would probably agree as well, especially those who have been hooked since Day One. Nonetheless, many are still unaware of some of the methods that other Pokemon trainers have been employing to dominate various aspects of the game. This write-up seeks to remedy this by outlining these nifty strategies.

This guide assumes that you are already well-oriented with the basic gameplay of Pokemon Go. It would expound on strategies that you can employ to get the most out of your playthroughs and even takes the liberty to provide helpful pointers that would make allow you to optimize mobile data usage and battery power when playing Pokemon Go for long durations.

1. Be sure to catch every Pokemon you encounter in the wild.

Just because you already have a specific Pokemon doesn’t mean you should shun similar ones that you encounter in the wild. This is because every time you capture a Pokemon, you also receive its corresponding Candy, which is necessary for powering and leveling it up. Don’t worry about running out of storage space, as you can always opt to transfer duplicates to the Professor, who rewards you with more candy for the act.

2. Hold the Poke Ball before throwing it.

This technique isn’t revealed in the game (in fact, Pokemon Go is suffering from a lack of tutorials), but it’s actually one of the best ways to ensure accurate capturing of Pokemon and saving on Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls.

Notice that, once you do this, a colored circle will appear. The color of the circle determines how difficult it is to capture the Pokemon. If it’s green, then the Pokemon isn’t at all hard to catch. Orange and red are intermediate and difficult, respectively. Time your throw when the circle is at its smallest, as this raises the chance to capture the Pokemon. One other tip you can follow is to turn off AR, as it makes capturing significantly easier as well.

3. Make full use of the ‘Nearby’ tracker.

This is another feature of the game whose functionality isn’t expounded on thoroughly. You may notice that there are Pokemon silhouettes that appear there occasionally. Greater attention would have to be paid on them because these are Pokemon that you haven’t caught yet. The number of footprints being displayed below the Pokemon, on the other hand, is a gauge of how far the Pokemon is from your current position.

4. Save your stardust for the Pokemon specimen with the highest CP.

Combat power is one of the most important stats in the game as it determines your Pokemon’s fighting capacity. It’s for this reason why you should really save up on stardusts and only use them once you’ve deemed that you’ve caught a specific Pokemon type with very high CP values.

This is because once you evolve them and reach their highest potential, you will find that those with very high CP stats prior to evolving turn out to be stronger in the end. This is why you shouldn’t rush evolving your Pokemon as well.

5. When gathering items from Pokestops, just hit the X sign that appears to save on time and effort.

Every time you gather Balls, eggs and other items from Pokestops, they always appear encased in floating bubbles. You don’t have to pop each one, as you only need to press the X sign that appears at the bottom to gather them all.

How to Save on Battery and Data Usage

In order to properly use the game’s battery-saving mode, once you activate it, you have to turn your phone upside down. This will cause the screen’s brightness to decrease, allowing you to still play the game but mitigating the battery usage of the app in the process. Turning off sound effects, vibration, and music could prevent

As for saving up on data, you can always opt to connect to public places where free Wi-Fi is offered. Make it a point to update the game only with a Wi-Fi connection as well. If you want to budget your data usage, you can always choose to set a data limit, and use Chrome Data Saver.

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