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Sell Textbooks for Android – Turn Your Old Books Into Fortune!

It’s always nice to grow up being a bookworm. I mean, what is the world today without books? Basically, people are ignorant in many ways by not knowing the different knowledges of the world. From philosophy to history of different nations, from science to language and communication, they can all be found in books. However, we have to admit that sooner or later we have to move on, especially when times get rough. If you are in need of money and all the books you have read is all you have left, that basically means you have lots of dough in store. With the Sell Textbooksrel=“nofollow”> app, you can turn your books into a pile of gold.

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What Sell Textbooks is all about:

Sell Textbooks is an app created by Pure Creations, Inc. It is designed to help those who seek to make the most out of their old textbooks by giving them the best prices there are to offer. The process is automated and unlike selling to a friend or a local shop, you’d get a bigger sum of money for the old books you have in possession.

How to sell your books through the app?

As an android app, Sell Textbooks is very convenient in many ways. So, here’s what should happen.

* First, you need to check the ISBN of your book. If for instance you have Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder, search for the ISBN and enter it on the app.
* It will automatically search for stores that offer the best buying prices for Sophie’s World despite its “antiquity” granted it is a 90’s book. After all, prices for books are measured by their content and merits, not by their newness in the market.
* In any case, you can simply pack up the book or books and then ship it to the store that suits your preferences as far as pricing goes.
* What’s more is that they will cover the shipping payment. How? They will send you a paycheck or a PayPal payment in a span of a week or two at the most.

Sell Textbooks Android App

The loveliest thing about the Sell Textbooks android app is that it simply makes your cents-ranged garage sale books into a true fortune. Perhaps a veritable money resource that come really come in handy. After the easy scanning process of the ISBN, you should have opened doors for windows of opportunities your books are capable of showing. Try the app now and make good of your old books. Enjoy!

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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