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SnaPanda App Review

SnaPanda is actually a wonderful app that I came across recently, being a teacher I need to make sure that all my students are getting all they need to help them make their scores. Unfortunately half of my class belong to foreign countries, and though they are able to cope with my classes, they find themselves lost and frustrated when they get home.

With the introduction of the SnaPanda App, things are a lot better, I have fewer whining students in my class. Not that I don’t like to help them, but assignments used to be like going thorough hell with them. Poor things used to put in so much effort and grades used to beat them to the ground.

One of my students turned up for class with a new app on his phone that really acted as a saviour to half of my class. The app was SnaPanda, it was the most simple and surprisingly useful app that I have seen. The developer had a lot of school kids in mind when he worked on it I suppose.

The app performs by taking a snap of the word that you need to know the meaning of, and it gives you a list of definitions that you can work with based on the context that the word fits into. All you need to do is take a snap of the word in the book and your on the way to solving the puzzle “finding the meaning for the Word”.

The app is simple and nice and can be used by many, like doctors, teachers, students , writers, and even regular Joes who just like to read. The app is perfect for school kids, especially for ones who are too small to use a dictionary. You’ll be surprised how fast your child learns to use the app when compared to learning to use the dictionary. Try it and you’ll know what I mean.

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