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Textbook Buy Back Comparison – Sell Your Old Books For a Good Price

No student would have completed his/her graduation without a pile of books. Apart from textbooks, you will also have a lot of reference books (which you don’t have any use for now) on your rack. You may not want to get rid of them because you spent a lot of money buying them. You will be ready to sell them, if someone was ready to buy them for a good price, right? With the Android app “Textbook Buy Back Comparison” on your device, you can get a lot of money for your old books.

About the app:

Textbook Buy Back Comparison is an app that belongs to the books and reference category in the Google Play store. The app allows you enter the book’s ISBN and also scan the barcode of the book. It lists the buyback prices that various online stores provide for your book. You can then do a comparison and sell your old books for a good price.





Working of the app:

Textbook Buy Back Comparison is very simple to work with. You don’t need to sign up for an account to use the app. On opening the app, you will find options to scan the barcode/enter the ISBN of your book. Your device should have the barcode scanner installed in it to scan the book’s code. The scanner will beep once it has scanned the barcode. Another easy way is to enter the ISBN that is usually found above the barcode. You can use any one of the above two methods, and the app instantly provides you with the details of how much each buy back store is willing to pay for your books. Most of the stores buy your books with free shipping. You can receive the money in a week, whereas some companies pay even quicker.




Textbook Buy Back Comparison not only suggests the best buyers for your textbooks. As an added advantage, you can make archives of all the books you have purchased so far using the My List option.

Textbook Buy Back Comparison is a very useful app that helps you in finding out the best ways to sell your old books. The app’s interface is very clear. The Get Help section has answered many common queries that might arise when one explores the app. The only drawback that I noticed while using the app was that the scanner needs good lighting to detect the code perfectly. Nevertheless, the app is a wonderful time and money saver for anyone who is looking to sell his old books.

Textbook Buy Back Comparison is a free app which requires Android 2.2 or later versions.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5


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