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Have you been struggling to find work? Times are tough, especially since the coronavirus pandemic sent the American economy into a spiral. If you’ve been searching for a while but keep coming up empty, it’s time you give 1aJob a try! There are countless jobs on offer across various niches waiting for you to hit the apply button. The app has successfully connected hundreds of job seekers with their dream jobs, and it can do the same for you. Alternatively, is your company looking to source proven skills and talent for vacancies? 1ajob offers an expert pool of potential workers to find your organization the perfect fit for that position!

Features of the app

1ajob is the leading app for employers and job seekers everywhere. Here’s how this app can help you either to find work or the perfect employee:

  • Simple profile creation: Create a job seeker or company account within a few moments. You can then immediately begin your search.
  • Huge category of jobs: From manufacturing and healthcare to entry-level positions and information technology, 1ajob offers something for every job seeker.
  • Popular job categories: What jobs are hot in your area? The app keeps you in the know so you can apply for the most profitable positions.
  • Apply for a job, fast and easy: When other job boards take you rounds in circles for a single application, 1ajob lets you apply for jobs with just a click or tap after you’ve created your profile.
  • Video interviews: Complete your employee assessment with a video interview of your candidates right from within the app.
  • Post a job quickly: In less than three minutes, you can create a job posting. You can set your pay rate, nature of employment i.e. full or part-time, among other important details for the job.
  • 1ajob is available for both Android and iOS devices.

How 1aJob works

Download the app from your device’s store, and select either the “post job” or “search job” tab then easily create a company or job seeker profile. The job seeker can then apply for the available positions in various categories, while the employer can scrutinize applications, shortlist candidates and conduct video interviews to assess strong applicants, before making and communicating a final decision via the app.

Where 1aJob outdoes the competition

As a job seeker or employer, you’ve probably parted with hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your pursuit. However, with 1ajob, you get to use the services without a subscription. What’s more, the app offers countless job opportunities as well as an abundance of proven expertise.

1aJob puts your need first, bridging the gap between those who need employment and companies looking for skilled workers.

Do you wanna a job or employee quick, fast, and easy? Then download 1aJob today and experience the search process getting easier than ever before!

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