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Getting advice is a wise initial move by any budding entrepreneur or businessman as it only ever sets him towards the right course to take in the future and mitigates potential hurdles as well. Of course, for many, this would automatically mean hiring someone who specializes on the topic or taking the time to research on material that is readily available online or offline. Nonetheless, BRiN offers an alternative solution by serving as an app that is basically a mobile business adviser.

In fact, BRiN highlights this capability by greeting and demonstrating to their new users with an app that is able to talk to them on a more personal level. While it’s not really the main function of the app at present, it really goes to show how dedicated it is in making its business advising capabilities as humanly as possible.

The main feature of BRiN, on the other hand, is that it actually serves as an all-in-one repository of video and audio presentations that expound on mastering business as a whole. It boasts of having up to 1,000 videos in its collection, which is practically one of the largest libraries of videos about business that have ever been arranged on mobile. Users may readily access the presentations by going to the ‘Training’ tab. In it, you would be presented with the videos arranged into various categories. You can either opt for the ones that have been recently uploaded, those that are most popular, highly recommend, etc. The app is responsive enough to add the ability to search for videos or browse for them based on their specific topics.

The topics are really comprehensive and thorough, to say the least (there are up to 80 topics to choose from). There are general topics on Introductions to Entrepreneurship, which are complemented by those that deal with self-improvement, for example. What’s sure is that, whether you want to know more about website building or need some unconventional tips and guidelines that have been proven to work, the sheer amount of videos available is proof enough of just how serious this app is in helping its users. The developers of the app are actively uploading videos on a weekly basis as well so you can be certain that there are plenty of new topics to be discussed with the passage of time.

One obvious factor that makes this business adviser app stand apart is that it actually features presentations that involve people who are experts in the topics that they are expounding. There are at least 250 experts on the said topics that are more than willing to share their knowledge. This is particularly important to highlight as it leaves no room to doubt to the content of each one, and that users may really get golden nuggets of information from them, which they would not have been able to acquire if they hadn’t attended a seminar in person.

You need not worry about not being able to start from where you left off in a video, as the app remembers it for you. The app is also includes a nifty feature called Learn Switch, which makes learning on-the-go possible while using the app. Lastly, the icing on the cake is that you can adjust the speed of presentation if you want it to be faster.

The direct conversations that you can do with the app is one innovation whose developments in the future is surely worth waiting for. The developers of the app promised more improvements (multiple languages support being one of them). These prospects, besides the very original concepts that are expounded on in the app’s collection of presentation, are what make app different from other business adviser apps presently available.

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