Business Cards Maker & Creator: Get High-Quality, Professional-Looking Business Cards at No Cost

Nowadays, tasks like printing business cards can be easily done with the use of apps that are specifically tailored to aid in making them. While there are plenty out there that give users the option to edit a pre-designed card and have it printed in a jiffy, very few shine when it comes to variety of options and plenty of other customizations. Shopify’s Business Cards Maker & Creator belongs to that rare clique as evidenced by its features that we will outline below.

With the app started, you would be taken to the interface where you can edit the general appearance of your card. On the upper portion, you would have a selection of templates described in single words by the title of each one There are a total of 8 templates but 3 of them are locked; they range from Classic and Diagonal to Expressive and Pixelated. Once you tap on one template, you would be given a ready preview of it below.

Situated directly below the preview are your choices for the color of your business card. There are a total of 9 different color combinations for you to choose from, and each one gives a unique appearance to the templates are available.

Once you are satisfied with editing you card’s overall look, you may now tap on the edit icon on the lower right-hand corner of the screen to start inputting pertinent information regarding your business. All the usual information that you include in a business card can be included there from your name and company logo to your job title and address, as well as your social media account and email.

Otherwise, you can just sync your contact details in order to fill them in automatically. With everything complete, you may now save your card in PDF format in your storage where they can be readily printed in print stores like Staples or if you prefer to do it online, go for online printing services like Moo or Vistaprint.

Again, what obviously makes this app stand out from other business card maker apps is its plethora of modification capabilities. Business cards will always be a necessary tool for businesses and entrepreneurs to better reach out to their clients. If you want to exercise more control over how you want your card to look, but do not want to have to invest too much time in coming up with a design for it, then Business Cards Maker & Creator is the app that you are looking for

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