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Where does the modern technology user go to find a handy man? Ask friends or family? Word of mouth? What if you have relocated to a new city and don’t know anyone there, or what if you simply think there must be a better way. In a word where you can get a taxi and order take-out food with a tap of your phone why can’t you get home services the same way? Whether it’s a cleaner, handyman or a skilled tradesman surely you should be able to find what you need in a one stop shop?

Well now you can……using CHEEP you can find the service you need with just a few taps of your phone. Think of it like Uber for a handyman.

The app is crisp and clean looking with an intuitive feel that makes it super simple to use. I found it easy to select the service I wanted, the app showed me quotes from local service providers referred to in the app as pro’s) and allowed me to see reviews of each one. You can accept one of the quotes of you can message the pro to negotiate if it’s not exactly what you want. Better still the app’s makers reassure that all pro’s are verified and trusted professionals so you don’t have to worry about an unskilled, unqualified person working on your home. You only pay the pro once you are satisfied with the work meaning if they don’t show up you do not lose money.

The App makers also say that all work is insured and offers after service warranty. They will even go further and offer a refund if you receive dissatisfactory service.

So, is it safe? A major concern is you are inviting someone you have never met into your home, the app has an interesting feature for this, one I have not seen before, an alert button. This button is something you can push if you have any concern of feel your safety is at risk at any time their pro is in your home.

With services as diverse as home repair, cleaning, tutoring, babysitting and even yoga instruction there really isn’t much that you can find on the app. Covering the major cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru currently, if there is as much demand for the services as we expect then I am sure it will launch in more areas soon.

There are apps offering similar service in the market currently with some established for several years now but none seem to have quite the range of services offered by CHEEP. Also, most of the alternatives offer fixed prices for jobs. In an age where negotiation is the key to getting good value the feature allowing customers to chat and fix a price with a pro is sure to be a big hit.

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