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As a small business growing its presence in the market, you may not afford the luxury of an HR department. That’s where Hands on Jobs steps in to alleviate the hiring burden on your shoulders. This trusted job portal is the go-to for millions of job seekers around the world. It offers an ocean of talent for recruiters. For job seekers, it is their best bet at a job that you can be proud of. Hands on Jobs is uniting employees and employers suited for each other like puzzle pieces, realizing dreams, and spurring industry growth!

Hands on Jobs App Features

The job hunt can be frustrating for both employer and employee. Here’s how this revolutionary app simplifies the process for both parties:

  • Verified jobs: You know why most job leads you’ve tried don’t work out? It’s because they’re not reliable. Hands on Jobs brings to you proven and trustworthy vacancy leads.
  • Progress feedback: It is the norm these days that applicants have to wait for a long time to know about their application progress. Some don’t even get any response at all. That’s not the case with Hands on Job, where application progress notifications are timely!
  • Job filters: What is your preferred salary or job location? Certain details may be a priority to you. Users can specific vacancy notifications in line with these preferences
  • Chat with recruiters: Hands on Jobs is among the rare job portals where job seekers can connect and chat with employers!
  • Easy hiring process: Seamless job posting creation, access to a pool of excellent candidates, and inbuilt chat that allows test administration and interview scheduling make Hands on Jobs a recruiter’s best assistive tool!

How Hands on Jobs Works

Create a vacancy post in minutes, detailing the qualifications and other qualities you’d like for the job as the hiring company. Job seekers who match that description can apply from their end. You can download the app for free on the various official stores, and create a profile and you’ll be good to go. As simple as ABC!

Why Hands on Jobs is cut from a different cloth

There truly is something for everyone on this proven job portal. Every type of career can be found within the boundaries of Hands On Jobs. Aside from the abundance and quality of job opportunities, Hands on Jobs stands from the crowd with cutting-edge features like job tracking and the ability to chat with recruiters! How many apps do you know that offer you that advantage?!

Find your dream job or hire today via Hands on Jobs! 

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