Home on hands with you “Home On App”

“Home On App” is a unique application designed to find the house of your dreams without having to look for the newspaper or resort to obsolete tools. It also serves as a tool for locating specific service providers.

This application has versions for the operating systems of Android and Iphone, offering the same benefits regardless of the operating system of its users. Counting with a minimalist interface that offers everything you need to know without being annoying and allowing user to personalize their notifications.

If you are looking for buy a new house, in the home page of “Home On App” you can check the recent listing properties or you can make an advance search through the “Search properties” section, making a personalized search, selecting if you need an apartment, a commercial building, a linder house a semi-detached house on a detached house, likewise, you can add more specific sections by adding the maximum price you can afford, how many bedrooms do you need, if you want to check one the options or just the options posted by agents and even if you need a resale or a new property.

When you pick an option you can see all the details clicking on the picture of the house; the best function is that you can mark your favorite properties and share them on your social networks profile or by messages on your phones applications. Likewise, you have the Call and Text options if you want to have a direct contact with the seller. Also, the system is going to recommend you other properties with the same characteristics.

On the other hand, if you are looking for sale a house, the option “List Property” allows users to do it, by adding information of property as location, pictures, and value; also, with this option you can select the address of the property automatically or manually.

As this app is about houses, it covers all the services options for home issues and you can look for the best prices per hour and select if you are interested or not; similarly to the house app you have a call and a text button to contact the provider of the service in any moment of the day. Some of the offers services are electricians, construction experts and plumbers.

“Home On App” is a wonderful solution to look for what you need in a comfortable way, if you want a house, offer a service for homes, or you have an agency, this is the best tool for search your services.


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