Kounta: A POS App for The Consummate Business Owner

The power of point—of—saIe apps lie primarily in their ability to give entrepreneurs and businessmen to run their enterprises and stores on a completely different level. Such is their usefulness that they’re tools that are considerably indispensable for modern-day business owners. However, many users would undoubtedly agree as well that not a lot of POS apps could really boast of being able to cater to numerous markets. Kounta could very well be veritable exception to this.

Kounta’s POS system, for one, supports most store and shop setups. Whether you’re running a cocktail bar or cafe or a shop or restaurant, you can expect to seamlessly run it from this excellent and responsive platform alone, wherever you are through your Android phone. Equally good is the fact that you don’t need to consistently be connected to the Internet to work with Kounta, as it also offers offline capability.

Once you start the app, you are asked to choose your user plan. Kounta is essentially free, but with the said version, you are only allowed up to 10 transactions every day. Even though you can set up a small business with it, the free version is basically similar to a trial version because of the said limitation. This restriction is lifted once you avail of their three main plans, Sell, Manage, and Extend, which have a monthly cost of $50, $100, and $150 respectively. Of course, the higher your plan is, the more features would be made available to you as well.

You can add an unlimited number of sites and registers to the app, making this app a perfect tool to have for business owners running multiple small to medium-sized businesses. The main features of this app include the ability to create and manage your own product inventory. Once your inventory is, more or less, filled up, you can promptly proceed to selling. Rest assured that you would have complete control over your inventory this way, even if you’re shuffling between your various endeavors.

Besides these perks, you will also be given tools and add—ons that would help you run your business smoother such as better purchase order management and tracking of data through comprehensive statistics and real-time reports. Its Open AP|s also says a lot about the importance that Kounta, as a company, places on their users’ invaluable ideas, besides the support that they’re already offering through their support center and knowledge base.

The unique aspects that Kounta has, though, are its flexibility when it comes to offering support for various business types as well as its overall simpler and more optimized interface. Its bank-level security, as guaranteed by its developers, also ensures that it’s always a step ahead of its competition in that regard. Much of its value lies in the fact that you would be able to run your business on-the—go with the help of your Android device. Without a doubt, if your business is everything to you, you would settle for nothing less, right?

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