L-Card Pro – The App That Changes The Business Card World Forever!

In the modern world, more and more of our daily lives are going online – our music collection, our photographs, and our diaries – even our business cards!

Anyone who has attended a networking event or trade show will know the hassle of holding on to dozens of business cards. Over a two-day business event, it is not uncommon to be handed over 20 business cards. The problem here then is what do you do with them all? How do you remember everyone? How many of your own do you take? What if you run out of them?

This is where the L-Card Pro app comes into its own. The creators have thought about these problems and have tailored specific solutions to each. It’s an app that will change your experience of business networking forever.

Let’s run through the features that make the L-Card Pro app such a game changer…

To start with, the app allows you to create your own business card, editing it as your details change. New web address, phone number or email address? No problem – you can update it within the app.

Once you’ve created the business card, you can automatically add it to your email signature, meaning they’ll have all of your details in a slick-looking card at the bottom of the emails you send.

Another great feature is that you can instantly share your business card directly from the app itself. That means you’ll no longer have to carry a stack of business cards around, nor will you ever find yourself with a card to send to a prospective customer. At a touch of a button you can share your details with anyone.

When you share your business card, you can also share with it a 30 second video – personalize your message way beyond a boring bit of card! This feature is unlike anything else on the market.

What about cards people give to you? Not a problem – L-Card Pro allows you to store an unlimited number of cards in your library. Simply scan the card, add it to the library on your app and throw the card away.

Not only that, you can add specific notes to each one. This feature alone is fantastic – it’s almost impossible to remember who everyone is when they give you a business card. Now you won’t need to – with the note feature on the L-Card Pro app, you can write specific notes about a person, your conversation etc, which works as a handy reminder.

Accidentally deleted a card? No problem – you can fetch it back from the trash in a flash!

If you do business overseas, you will still be able to accept business cards in other languages. L-Card Pro currently recognizes the following languages… English, French, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish and Spanish.

The app allows you to visit contacts websites, call them or email them directly from the screen. It will also allow you to navigate directly to them by opening their address in Maps, giving you driving directions without having to type them in separately.

L-Card Pro also had a great business development feature – you can export data to a CSV file and upload the info directly to an excel spread sheet. Furthermore this data can be uploaded to CRM software and various contacts libraries.

With so many features and fantastic usability, this app will transform your experience of business networking and tradeshow events. Create and share your own business card, use the scanner to store an unlimited amount of others and add personalised notes to each. It’ll make your business life a great deal easier!

The L-Card Pro app brings business networking into the 21st century. With so many features and easy usability, there’s no other app like it on the market.

The app is available via iTunes and Google Play.

Price: Free


Download from Android Market

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