MMAG eReceipt: Makes Life Easier for Retailers and Salesmen Alike

Retailing requires nothing less than your full-time commitment. Majority of the challenge that such a business venture poses lies on how retailers manage it and keep track of the numerous transactions that they make on a day-to-day basis. Salesmen who work with these retailers undoubtedly carry the same burden, and their tasks are no less difficult without the necessary tools to help them.
MMAG eReceipt is an app that is divided into two separate versions: one that’s meant for Retailers and another that’s designed for executives (or salesmen). These two work in synergy with each other to make work easier for both, particularly in doing the essential things said above.
For one, as a retailer, you can easily begin adding the wholesalers you normally transact with and make communication easier between the two of you. You would be able to easily record each transaction you make with them.
To make these steps as smooth and convenient as possible, the retailer will be given his own dashboard. Take note that these features are also available for the executive (in the Executive version of the app). This interface provides a summary (through reports) of fundamental numbers such as the total retailers you do business with, total money collected, and pending amounts, to cite a few.
There is a process for executives called Onboarding that allows you to be connected with a wholesaler so you’ll always be in the know of payments (already paid or otherwise). The entire transaction process would be automatically processed and recorded as long as this connection between two parties has been established within the app.
For example, for every retail sale, an invoice will mechanically be created for both of you (assuming you are using the correct versions). You can just imagine the amount of time that this will save for both. Most of the time, this is usually done physically and be shared in person. Not only does this save time but it also takes care of the accuracy of the reporting.
Of course, money collection would still have to be done physically. But know that you can also always take into account all of these figures by inputting them within the app in seconds. Once you update the amount collected in the app, an invoice will be generated in your respective panels. This will, in turn, always be available for reference for both of you.
MMAG eReceipt does wonders for the retailers and salesmen alike by forming that much-needed digital bridge in a world that’s already capitalizing on mobile technology. Its main features of keeping track of payments and making life generally easier are what make it easily stand apart.


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