WandQ Pro: Make Every Meeting and Opportunity Count!

Concept of the app

Do you constantly lose time and money to missed appointments? Then it’s time you switched to an online appointment maker that you can trust! With WandQ Pro, you’ll never miss that important business or service meeting. As a result, your clients will always be satisfied and have nothing but good things to say about your business. 

Additionally, WandQ isn’t just about making it to appointments on time, it’s also about growing your business. Showcase your services to your customers, grow your reputation and guide new clients to your workplace using Map guides as well! 

In a nutshell, WandQ Pro is an all-in-one appointment assistant to efficiently manage your workflow.

Features of the app 

Available for Android devices on the Google PlayStore, WandQ offers many vital functionalities for business management including: 

  • Service showcase: If you offer a range of services, you can display all of them on WandQ. Your customers can then book an appointment for specific services you’re offering. 
  • Booking settings: Set maximum appointment bookings per time slot, so you can better manage your workflow without getting overwhelmed. 
  • Real-time updates: Get instant notifications when an appointment is made, so you can plan accordingly.  
  • Location settings: Put on your business on the map, literally, and guide new customers to your base of operations with map illustrations.  
  • Virtual appointments: Schedule virtual meetings on WandQ Pro if distance is a factor or simply for convenient appointments. 
  • Automated Reminders: On the day of the appointment, the app automatically reminds your customers so you don’t miss the appointment.

How WandQ Pro Works 

With WandQ Pro, you can register your business online, and your customers can track your availability in real-time. If there’s a free booking spot, a client can pick the date and time for a meeting and you will get immediate notification. So, in case you become unavailable for some reason, the app displays this information so that clients can reschedule meetings. Therefore, no more scheduling conflicts, and you can better manage your workflow.

Why WandQ stands out from the crowd

WandQ Pro is more than just an online appointment scheduler, it also somewhat doubles up as an advertising platform where you can also sell your services. Moreover, you can get the appointment histories of your clients, and even generate reports from them, for targeted marketing in terms of additional service offerings. 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? WandQ Pro is perfect for clinics, beauty parlors, and any business with a service-scheduling format.

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