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Buzz Deck App Review

If you need to have the latest news at the tips of your fingers and if you want to get it by just sliding cards away, then Buzz Deck is the app of your choice. Get magazines and news from 10 different categories on your very own mobile. Keep it within your reach at all times and get the latest news that keeps on buzzing through. Add or delete cards of your choice and change things around on your reading menu whenever you like to.


This is a wonderful app for those who like to stay updated on latest beauty tips or business around the world or latest recipes to try out. Well, I have a few favorites of my own that I keep on my list like beauty, health, technology, cooking, news and the most cherished of all are my social networking sites that I love to have at my beck and call to keep in touch with friends and family.

The app is also very easy to use. It’s just like sliding a deck of cards. Once you have chosen one of them , just tap on it and you can zoom in, choose a topic by tapping on it and you are there. If you like or wish to share anything with your friends, you can always make use of the like and share tabs that connect you to Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites. So now you have all your reading choices within your palm.

And if you like to delete or add any more cards just tap on add or delete. The app is quite easy to use and very efficient. I don’t carry magazines to work anymore as  Buzz Deck is there to serve the purpose. The best part is that it is free, so hurry now and hit the market today for Buzz Deck.

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