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Call Manager Trial – Managing Calls is No More Difficult

Though mobile phones are a great boon, there are times when we find them irksome. I often receive unnecessary marketing calls when I am at work and they irritate me. And when I get back home from work and want to rest, I receive calls from office. When I was looking for a way to handle all these calls at inconvenient times, I came to know about an app named Call Manager Trial. Life has become better with this app and I can actually manage all my calls without any hassles.

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Call Manager Trial belongs to the Tools category in the Google Play store. The app lets you decide when people can call or text. All the calls and texts from contacts not on the list are directed to the voicemail.

The app has three main options: ‘Create Schedules and Activities’, ‘Override Standard Schedule’ and ‘Configure Options’. ‘Create Schedules and Activities’ has two sub-options, namely Set Call Schedule and Set Activity.

Using the ‘Set Call Schedule’ option you can set the time period during which you want to receive calls from contacts. Your phone will accept calls within the schedule. When the calls do not fall within the schedule, they are directed to voicemail automatically. The app provides two default lists: Everyone and People in Contacts. The app also gives you options to create a fresh schedule, where you can add new lists like close buddies, family and much more. You can set time frames for each of the lists.

For each of the individual groups that you have created, you can set ringtones or vibrate options for the calls. You are also provided with additional choices where you can add another range (time frame to receive a call), delete the range and copy the range to all the other days of the week.

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By making use of the ‘Set Activity’ option, you can bar calls by scheduling an activity. When you create or edit an activity you can include exceptions (like allowing calls from certain people, like your parents or children). People whom you do not exempt will be automatically directed to voicemail.

With the ‘Override Standard Schedule’ option, you can easily turn on DO NOT DISTURB, or turn on/off an activity with just a click. Using ‘Configure Options’ you can choose to display the time in standard/military format and put the phone in silent mode when you receive a phone call/text. You can even fix a widget to the home screen of your smartphone. With this widget you can easily keep track of the current status, like what activity or override is currently on and when it will come back to the original schedule.

Though Call Manager Trial has got a clear description to each of the options, I must admit that I found it quite difficult to handle. The app could have had a better management interface.

Call Manager Trial is a free app that comes with a seven day trial. You can continue using this app by making an in-app purchase.

Price : Free

Rating : 4/5

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