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Cardio Trainer App Review.

Form a person who just used to run and ride without anything to track the calories lost, today I can proudly say that I’m too under the list of those many calorie trackers. And I have just begun tracking my calories that I loose during my exercise routine. Thanks to the app called Cardio trainer, everything seems so easy now.



Well this app is fully equipped for different kinds of exercises right from walking to biking, dancing, or running, just name it and you’ll find it on the list. Now all you need to do is find the kind of exercise that your going to perform, turn on the app and it shows where exactly you are on the map, choose the kind of regime you want to follow, so if its running, you just start and when your at it you could check your speed, the calories burned, time and even the steps if your walking.

Now you can save it to your history and if you decide to do this on a daily basis you can track your improvements and probably change the exercise practiced from walking to running and then biking and calculate the calories lost to choose the right regime. Now that’s fantastic and I’m sure to losses these extra pounds real soon, and what makes it better is that I could compete with myself, for there’s a voice that keeps telling you if you are running faster or slower than yesterday.

Keeping track of these routines makes me want to do better and better everyday, I get up every morning with the urge of wanting to do more. This app is just wonderful and I would recommended to anyone who wants to stay fit or in shape.





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