20 Levels: The Puzzle Game That is Fast Becoming a Global Sensation

The Concept Behind 20 Levels:
For a long time, puzzle gaming has only been about competing with gamers from around the world and seeking to better their scores solely for the thrill and excitement that comes with bragging rights. Now, the 20 levels app adds all that to the mix and also pours in a new ingredient where victory means not only personal glory but also significant rewards such as coupons and mystery boxes brimming with all sorts of cool prizes.

Features of the App:

20-levels is available for both Android and iOS devices, and its features include the following:

  • A dark and endearing user interface that is easy to use and highly responsive.
  • Straightforward controls that everyone can understand i.e., a horizontal color matching system coupled with unique items that help clear the playing field even faster.
  • A reward system where you play for several discount coupons, high-valued electronics, and luxury clothing, among other things.
  • A total of twenty mind-blogging levels to keep you hooked and scratching your head from start to finish.
  • Gameplay hinges on a percentage value scoring system.

How 20 Levels Works:
Once you download the app, you’ll need to register on Facebook, or you can sign in as a guest player. As the name would have it, the game entails working your way past a series of 20 levels to win either a brand coupon or mystery box depending on what you chose at the beginning of the game after registration. Beating a level entails row matching of a group of three or more discount boxes and smashing your way past obstacles to finish in record time to qualify for valuable prizes.

Why it’s Cut from a Different Cloth:
Well, where else you would be rewarded with trendy tablets and mouth-watering discounts for completing games? The fact that there are monetary items up for grabs gives this game an edge over its counterparts, but that’s not all that sets it apart. It also combines a touch of enthralling gameplay with cartoony aesthetics to realize a puzzle game that’ll have you glued to your screen for hours on end.

Final Verdict
Gamers on Google PlayStore have taken a liking to the app which has amassed an impressive 4.1 out of 5 stars since its unveiling. It’s not hard to understand why it’s proving popular given it mixes a combination of fast-paced puzzles that’s not only fun but also gets the adrenaline going and keeps you on your toes in a bid to beat the clock and win fantastic rewards for free! 20-Levels is, therefore, an app worthy of a slot on your home screen.

Price:  Free 

Download from Android Market

Features Of The App
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