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The good thing about games nowadays, especially those who are on the mobile platform such as the ever famous Android platform, have been given the ability to connect with other players anywhere they may be in the world to make up for a better user and gaming experience. So without further adieu, we will now take a closer look at how the guys from the Android app production group JSI Enerprises have revolutionized the classic game of backgammon and introduced it to the younger generations. Presenting to you Backgammon Live Online.

Bagammon Android App

Backgammon Live Online, as the name suggests, is a digital adaptation of the classic board game backgammon on the mobile operating system Android. This game not only allows its players to play backgammon on their mobile devices anytime and anywhere they want, but it also allows them to play backgammon with anyone who is online. Whether they are connected to through WiFi, data connection or 3G, they can be sure to play the game with their friends from any part of the globe. You can also be able to chat with any players when you play Backgammon Live Online.

Whenever you have an incoming call or the game is interrupted in any way, there will be a handy notification that will immediately direct you back to playing the game again. The game also uses a server that is super fast that supports many different backgammon clients in any platform, even those who uses Apple devices.

How to Play:

The goal of Backgammon Live Online is simple: move your own checkers into the board of the home and then remove them all from the backgammon board. The first player that will be able to remove all of his checkers automatically wins the game.


Backgammon Live Online, just like any other Android mobile app, are initially not made to perfection. But as time goes by and the app is tested, there will updates that will help in polishing the gaming experience of its players. Among the updates of the game are the following:

* table options have been expanded
* improvements in the user interface and
* several fixes in minor errors.

Free Backgammon Android App


Help Section:

Backgammon Live Online’s Help Section presents players the rules and strategies for playing the game. Players will be able to learn how to effectively:

* use opening rolls
* establish anchors
* optimize the distribution of checkers
* reduce good rolls for opponents

The strategies section describes to players when to expose or consolidate checkers for better results.


Backgammon Live Online won’t impress you with 3D graphics, but with its comfortable, fast and relaxing gaming interface, you will be sure to enjoy the classic game of backgammon with a twist of playing against real players online whom like you have been in love with this game that has been played for thousands of years.

Price: Free
Rating: 4/5

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