Bumble Bom Bee: Take on Numerous, Different Challenges and Game Modes in Every Level on This Puzzle Matching Game

Bumble Bom Bee presents itself as one of the first physics-based puzzle matching apps available at present. In this game, you are to match the honeycomb pieces with the same colors to score points. As in other color matching games, the larger the combinations of different colors you make on a swipe, the higher your score will be. That being said, the game is quick to capture the attention of any player who has experienced these kinds of apps before.

The app incorporates a level-progression style of gameplay, where you need to get to a minimum required score to finish it. There is also a 3-star rating system in place, wherein if you get to score as much points with as few moves as possible and get to the minimum, you would be awarded with either 3, 2, or 1 star. That being said, you would have to strategize and economize your every move in order to make the most combinations in one.

In order to make combinations, you would have to swipe a single piece to any direction you like to match it with a color that you. With that move, you would also be able to tap other possible combinations nearby that would count as well. Any piece that doesn’t form part of the combination would then cascade down to fill the vacated spaces of the honeycomb.

As you progress in level, you would find that certain levels contain power-ups as well as entirely different game modes. The power-ups range from neat bombs and lightning to bee swarms that serve to clear pieces and tiles and shower you with points and help you clear levels. There are also others that trigger once you make a combination.

There are up to 50 levels to play through, and you would also get to face bosses that appear in certain levels. The rewards upon defeating and completing levels are special gems that you can use to purchase helpers (move suggestions) and power-ups to help you complete a specific level. Otherwise, you can opt to start over by tapping on the reshuffle icon.

While it bears a similarity to other popular puzzle matching apps like Candy Crush, it is able to make itself entirely unique with the help of its core theme and the host of original features that it includes. Its changing game modes (there are as much as 14 at present), as you progress, also makes it entirely different and fresh to players who have always experienced apps that only offer the same kinds of challenges with varying difficulties.

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