China Ink Painting Puzzle – A Genuinely Innovative Social Puzzle Game

Since gaming became a popular pastime on computers, there has been a single genre that has withstood the test of time: the puzzle games. This is not a coincidence because people really do love puzzle games and the same continues to be true for several thousands of years. A mobile development app company called Unicoea came with an idea to combine a puzzle concept with one equally long-standing art from called China Ink Painting. With this merger, they made a gaming app for mobile devices that really offers a unique experience.

The basic concept of the China Ink Painting Puzzle is to provide the users with a chance to make a jigsaw puzzle using their own creativity and imagination. To do this, they use the elements of many thousands of China Ink Paintings, which are provided to them or collect and solve puzzles made by other users. The brilliance of the app is that the same process actually provides a chance for the users to learn how this old and ingenious art form functions and how every painting is made. At the same time, it is the social aspect of the China Ink Painting Puzzle app that hooks the players and leaves them wanting to play more. The same idea can be seen immediately after a person begins to play or create the unique jigsaw challenges. Additionally, the user interface allows for a simple manipulation of all possible options provided by the app.

The app comes full of features. Firstly, the feature of social sharing is brilliantly developed and it allows for sharing, cooperating and editing with friends, all based on a unique code generated by the app. The feature of telling a story offers the possibility of adding custom text into each jigsaw, useful for those who wish to flex their creative muscles. Using more than 400 elements, the feature of making a painting is supported by eight groups of assets, covering things like characters, trees, animals, buildings, backgrounds and much more. Lastly, the feature of a really intuitive UI for building paintings makes the process completely hassle free.

But, even though all these possibilities and features are interesting, the app really shines when it is used for social purposes. With this option, people can play the jigsaw puzzles that their friends and family made personally for them. With the added bonus of being able to insert unique texts and stories, the app offers a gaming experience unlike anything on the market.

China Ink Painting Puzzle is a brilliant example how old traditions can merge with new technologies and create in the process something that cannot be called anything else by true works of art.

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