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Domino Live – A Game that Tests your Concentration

Betting games are quite popular as they offer fun and great value for money. People get hooked to them easily and make repeated attempts to win, hoping to get lucky. Dominoes is one such gamers’ favorite. People play it online against bots to win a sum of money. Now this game can be played even on your Android device. Using Domino Live, you can play this game with hundreds of passionate gamers from around the world. This amazing app belongs to the casual category in the Google Play store.

What’s the app about?

Domino Live is a gaming app that tests your thinking skills. What you need to do is score points by arranging the numbered bones. When you log into the app you will find a table that has a list of players whom you can challenge. Once you select an opponent, you can decide on the target score. The idea of this game is to see who reaches the target first.

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How does the app work?

 In the top right hand corner of the table, you will see suggestions on how you could start the game. Based on the scores earned by different players, you can choose your opponent. You will then see a gaming board that has bones with numbers on them. You need to tap the bones to move them. You will be playing simultaneously with your opponent. Domino Live guides you in placing the bones in optimal positions. To make the game more lively, you can chat with your opponent while playing.

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Special features of the app:

Domino Live has a well-explained tutorial. By clearing the free levels in the app you earn $Tickets. These $Tickets help you in removing the ads that keep appearing while you play the game. You can resign or abort a game as and when you want. To make the game more exciting you can invite your friends to join the challenge. Whenever you run out of bones, you can fetch some from a Boneyard. An option to share scores on social media could have been provided to enhance the usability of the app.

Domino Live is a great app that provides fun and entertainment and sharpens your logical thinking. It is a free app that requires Android 2.1 or later versions.

Price: Free

Rating: 3.5/5


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