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Embark on a Grand Hidden Object Quest with Mysteryville : detective story

Mysteryville: detective story is a captivating game belonging to the popular hidden object genre that takes you an action-packed adventure through picuresque locations. With the suspense it creates and the riveting gaming experience it offers, this app takes you on a journey you’ll never forget.


The story is set in a little town where there are some mysterious happenings going on. A girl named Laura, a journalist, has to find her way though 21 exotic locations and challenges to emerge victorious. Laura faces the daunting task of investigating the case of the missing cats while keeping a close watch on things happening around, meeting and interacting with new people who give her clues, protecting her life and piecing all the evidence together.

Embark on a grand hidden object quest and help strangers, like a fortune teller and a bartender, by running errands such as collecting bottles, putting the bar in order, collecting cards, searching for dices etc. You’ll face different challenges like looking for objects of a particular kind, finding random items from a list, locating things based on their shadows and spotting the small variations in two identical scenes. You’ve got to pay close attention to all the objects you see around you, especially those which seem tiny and insignificant. Pinch the screen to zoom in and scroll to the sides to spot the hidden objects.

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The number of objects you need to locate is mentioned in the top of the screen and you just need to tap on them as you track them down. You will find objects cleverly hidden in the most unexpected places and only vigilant eyes can spot them. Undoubtedly, Mysteryville: detective story will bring out the detective in you. Remember that you need to be brave and expect the unexpected while you uncover the secrets of the town.

The story is narrated as you move through different locations. The conversations with the characters you meet provide directions on what needs to be done and caution you about the perils you will face. The completion of a task earns you a trophy and takes you a step closer to solving the mystery and saving the cats. You can share these achievements with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Heyzap. Mysteryville’s OpenFeint integration lets you compare your achievements with users all over the world.

The game plays almost like a movie with an intriguing storyline, mind-blowing graphics, an attractive soundtrack and excellent sound effects. The game is replete with challenges and puzzles and you’ll never get tired of solving them. What I would have loved to see in this game are mini games or puzzles to offer additional gaming options when you need a break after some the continuous searching. Mysteryville: detective story is available in more than 10 languages and offers a thrilling and addictive gaming experience to keep you coming back.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/ 5

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