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EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest – Unique and Fun To Play for everyone

So you want to sharpen your visual accuracy and memory as well. Try out EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest, which is an amazing Android gaming app that requires you to use your eyes and memory to achieve success. If you are wondering how fun that is, you are in for a surprise, because this gaming app is like no other we’ve seen in the category of Android games that rely on visual acuity and memory.

EyeSpy Android App

Why is this game a must for everyone?

EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest will challenge you to pick up objects that are hidden, and they must be picked in real time, or else you lose the battle. You must also depend on your memory to accurately pick up hidden objects as you fight for the ultimate price.

Playing as Whimsical bunny hero, you’ll enjoy success after success as the game progresses—and that’s if you are smart enough. Pick up hidden objects such as cakes, shoes, planes and everything else you can ever imagine of. Here, your success is highly dependent on how accurate your eyes and memory are.

So, what are the features that make this game a darling to people who have played it before?

Amazing Colors:
This gaming app makes it interesting because it has incorporated a vast array of colors to spruce up the gameplay. You’re picking objects as fast as possible, and you’re doing it in an environment of colors. It’s very suitable for children, as well as adults.

Search until You Win:
Your main objective is to search diligently until you win. Be quick in finding specific items across 4 unique worlds, as well as through 50 different levels en route to your victory.

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Pick them up in 60 Seconds:
In each level, you are given 60 seconds upfront on the countdown clock. It’s up to you to pick up all the right objects within the confinement of this time frame. Play single, or with others online if you like. Match up your score with other players on Facebook and ask them to join you too. You can see their scores, their level ranks, plus many more.

Find Your Way with One or Two Word Clues:
In every step, you’ll be given a hint in form of one or two words. From there, it’s totally up to you to pick as many items as you need. Don’t pick those you don’t need because you’ll waste time. It’s a field of random objects, and you must only pick what you need.

Accuracy and Memory:
Tap on the correct object, and watch your points grow. Tap on the wrong ones and you lose. You must rely on your accuracy and memory to correctly distinguish objects.

Pick Up Special Bonus on the Way:
Add extra time into your precious timebank. Use the magnifying glass and broom to find objects fast and to sweep away unwanted objects respectively. In multi-player mode, use the ‘’spray’’ feature to distract other competitors.

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Become a Genius with EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest
This game is a perfect learning tool for the kids. Let them master the skills to decipher items from one another instantly. They are learning in a fun and dynamic way which makes them want to come back for more.

This is certainly the only app you must download, no time to waste. It will intrigue both the kids and adults alike. In general, you are getting the following:
1 Numerous challenges, each rewarded for accuracy and quickness
2 50 different levels to explore
3 Endless fun, intuitive controls, and easy to understand
4 Vibrant animation to spice up the gameplay
5 Sharing options for other people to see your performance on social media such as Facebook
6 Intriguing music and sound settings
7 Engaging interface that doubles up as a learning experience

Bottom Line is This:
If you haven’t taken advantage of this Android app, you are greatly losing out. So download it today, and begin experiencing the fun. Remember that it’s suitable for both adults and kids.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

Download from Android Market

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