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Fat Pig: Keep Your Kids Happy!

Fat Pig New Top Free Kids Game by Jaxily is a free game that’s composed of twenty levels. Its ideal groups of audience are kids but teens and adults also usually play it. In the game, you need to get cookies and cupcakes in each of the levels and try to get as much points as possible. This Android app will be enjoyed by adults and kids alike and will definitely be a good source of entertainment for everyone.

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The children of the developers inspired the idea of the game. They were very pleased to see that their children loved the app, and they later realized that it’s also great for children of other ages and even for adults. Initially, the starting levels are a piece of cake, but as the game progresses, it also becomes a lot more challenging.

Fat Pig loves to eat, and it’s made quite clear throughout the game. The pig has such an incredible sweet tooth and simply cannot have enough of the cookies and cakes. If you are a fan of these sweets too, you better be careful because Fat Pig may appear and suddenly grab them from you. In order to get the maximum three stars, you need to give Fat Pig enough cupcakes to satisfy him.

As the game progresses though, there are other obstacles that should be went through in the later levels. For instance, there are going to be black holes that can send Fat Pig into the sea. There’s no need to worry though since you can play a certain level again and again until you pass it. You can’t proceed to the next level if you don’t pass a certain level, though.

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Overall, Fat Pig isn’t only enjoyable but the experts in the field of graphical arts also praise it. The graphics are very nice in the eyes of kids and adults alike. The game has twenty levels overall, and these levels are comprised of cupcakes, the pig itself, water, the black holes, springs, rocks that are falling and even cookies. If you want the excitement to begin as early as now, then it’s time to download the app from the Playstore.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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