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Muddle Doodle Free – A Colorful Card Matching Game

Muddle Doodle Free is one of those card matching games which we’ve always enjoyed playing. This colorful game captures all the action of this timeless favorite and presents it with features that make it all the more engrossing.


The challenge lies in testing your skills on a dynamic gameboard. You’ve got to find as many matches as possible to score points. Muddle Doodle Free is easy to play. All you have to do is trace linesmuddle-doodle-freerel=“nofollow”> between matching doodles to make words and what’s more, you get multipliers, combos and wildcards to boost your score.

Doodles with multipliers can be used in a line so that you get a high score when they are added up. You can match many lines and voilla, once the board clears you get a spemuddle-doodle-freerel=“nofollow”>cial combo which gives you a great deal of points and joy, as well. Wildcards can bring you a stroke of luck as they can be used to switchover to another doodle type while you go ahead with your lines.

The game has 3 levels of difficulty that will have people of all ages hooked to it. You can compete with your friends through OpenFeint leaderboards and let them know about your gaming skills. Try Muddle Doodle for its interesting gameplay.

Rating: 3.5/ 5

Price: Free

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