Pool It Off: Highly Addictive Billiards Game with Unique Game Modes

If you love billiards and pool games, then you would certainly like Pool It Off. The app is able to simulate accurately how a classic game of pool feels. You get to set the exact angle of your shot every time it’s your turn. Once you are comfortable with the position of your cue stick, the app automatically brings out the shooting meter that determines how powerful you want your shot to be. You only need to tap on the Shoot button to make a shot.

The game has two official modes: Classic and Survival. In Classic, the score that you get is primarily dictated by how fast you are able to make a shot that pockets one or more balls. Every shot that ends up not hitting a ball results in a deduction in your total score. Pocketing the cue ball results in minus scores as well You have to be aware of the black ball as if you hit it first, you get a -10 in your score. Worse, if you end up pocketing it, as it would result in an instant game over.

Survival, on the other hand, stands out better for the unique experience that it affords players. This is because it’s basically more challenging. After all, in this mode, you have to pocket as much balls for points as possible so that the timer won’t run out If it does or if you end up pocketing either the cue ball or black ball, then it’s already game over for you.

Also, you are only given a maximum of 5 chances. Each time you end up failing to pocket a ball with a single shot, your chances are deducted. This is why you have to make sure that every shot is accurate and would result in pocketing a ball (other than the black ball that is!). Evidently, Survival is more challenging as there are numerous peripheral factors (namely time and chances) that you should be mindful of.

Pool It Off is certainly one of the more direct-to-point pool apps available for you can practically begin a new session in it with minimal taps of a button. Its game modes and rules are what ultimately sets it apart from other apps that deal with pool in general, though. It really introduces a challenging twist to pool apps, which really serves to make you a better pool player in the end. Therein lies the undeniable value of Pool It Off as an entertainment and pool training app.

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