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Prehistoric Park – Design a Theme Park to Entertain Stone Age People

Theme parks are nowadays the perfect vacation spots for thrill-seekers. But their popularity has soared only over the past few decades. What was life like in the times of cavemen? Do you think an amusement park would have made a huge difference to their leisure time activities? Though the idea sounds funny and it is quite hard to imagine, here is an exciting app named Prehistoric Park where you get to design a theme park for Stone Age folk!

About the app:

Prehistoric Park is an Android app in which you are given the task of building a theme park for people of the stone age. The app has many special features that let you provide adequate facilities for your visitors, enhance your park and make money. You will find that adding new rides to your park and decorating it well will help you in delighting visitors and increasing your park’s popularity.

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Working of the app:

Once you get Prehistoric Park installed on your mobile, you will have to download the resources that are to be used in the game. You are provided with a certain amount of money (silver and gold coins) which can be used to purchase things (like a swing, wooden chute, trampoline etc.,) to set up the park. Your goal is to satisfy visitors by offering them various rides. Each object that you set up in your park increases your points and helps you proceed to subsequent levels in the game. You are rewarded with silver and gold coins as you complete each level. You can also find out the number of visitors and the average happiness rate. You gain bonus points when the average happiness of people is 85 or 85+. You can share your achievements with your friends, via Facebook and Twitter.

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Special Features of the app:

Prehistoric Park provides you with 60 mind-blowing rides which can be used to entertain your visitors. Using the drinking fountain, visitors can quench their thirst. Make them feel comfortable at your place by building restrooms and placing benches wherever possible. You can hire guards to provide assistance to kids at times when they fight among themselves to get onto various rides. You will need to take care of your park and make your customers feel happy by hiring a clown, collector, janitor and technician (you have to pay them according to the number of days you hire them). You can make use of the trees, flowers, stone temples etc., in the app to decorate your park beautifully. As you move through different levels, you will find various options getting unlocked.

The integration of graphics with the music is awesome and it perfectly suits the theme of the app. The notifications displayed from time to time help players in knowing the needs of visitors. The app requires Internet access and I noticed that there are chances of losing the game if you face connectivity problems while playing. Apart from that, this is an excellent gaming app which engages users for hours.

Prehistoric Park is a free app which requires Android 1.6 or later versions.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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