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Save Sea Turtles – Help Turtles Reach The Sea

Have you ever imagined a situation where turtles and crabs become rivals? What would it be like to save cute turtles from angry and hungry crabs and help them swim to safety? Discover the joy of guarding and guiding sea turtles, in a new app named ‘Save Sea Turtles’. Watch the turtles as they make a slow crawl towards the sea, finding their way through all the hurdles put before them.


What is the app about?

Save Sea Turtles is an entertainer for the whole family. The idea of the game is to help the turtles reach the sea without getting caught by crabs that are patrolling the beach. The app provides addictive fun and serves as a good pastime. 2-3 people can play the game on the same device, as a number of turtles can be controlled simultaneously.

How does the game work?

On opening the app you find 3 choices namely Play, Options and Exit. Save Sea Turtles has 3 modes of difficulty namely easy, medium and hard. Once you select the Play option you will be provided with the instructions for the game, which are elementary. The number of turtles increases gradually as you move to higher levels. To proceed to the next level you just have to save more turtles than they die. If 4 are saved and 3 die, you pass the level. If 3 are saved and 4 die, you won’t pass. This is the rule for all the levels.

You will definitely enjoy sliding left/right/back to move the turtles in the right direction. Be careful with the crabs and remember you can’t move the turtles forward. (They move forward by themselves at their own slow pace!) Pushing their way through the stones and buckets, the turtles can collect a star each for extra points. The seagull that passes by is another rival for the little turtles. You may just have a few moments to help the turtles change course or get cover to avoid the bird, and this can be quite challenging. To add to the fun, you are provided with a ball to attack the crab and keep it distracted, while the turtles amble to the water. This is the part I enjoyed the most!

The Options choice helps you turn the music, sound and instructions on/off. You can reset the game for a new player using the reset option. Your scores are recorded based on the number of turtles you save and the stars you obtain.


What’s special about the app?

You will definitely enjoy this adorable app and its wonderful animation. Save Sea Turtles has interesting background music, especially when the seagull flies by and when the crabs attack the turtles. I feel that the app could have had some additional challenges to make the gameplay even more interesting. Options to get our friends involved in the game through social media could have been added.

Save Sea Turtles is a free app which requires an Android version of 2.2 or above. The paid version of the app is available for $1.28 and the HD version costs $2.58.

Price: Free

Rating : 4/ 5


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