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Star Girl: Beauty Queen – A Journey to the World of High Fashion!

Have you ever wished to be a star girl? Of course, everyone does, and though it might not be easy in real life, you can be one if you play the Star Girl: Beauty Queen android game. This game is aimed at the younger female audience. It allows users to express themselves in MMO style game wherein they can try to become a famous star. You might choose to become anything you want, an actress, a fashion model or a singer. This beauty queen app for android has more than 500 items of clothing, making it a perfect game to play for those who love fashion. Though this game app is free, it has certain paid content that you can purchase for real money to enhance your experience.

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Concept and Game Play:

The game play behind Star Girl is not as easy as you might initially think. Firstly, you will have to gather clothing and other items you will need during the competitions. In these competitions you have to win against other contestant to win the “Most Beautiful” or other similar titles. These contests generally have specific themes, and thus you will have to try and match the specifications.

Apart from this, there are other activities you can get engaged in, all of them being very girlish and involving lots of social interaction. You can compete with your friends for winning hearts of famous boys. You can also go out on dates wherein you will need to do everything in the best way, place items, orders and use the right gestures to win the heart of your prince charming.

Designs and Graphics:

Star Girl is a nice bright app, at least as far as its appearance is concerned. The app uses loads of bright colors, in particular hues of pink, and lots of pizzazz to keep the players excited. Basically, this app has a great design, and a super attractive appearance.

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There is lots that players can do, from dressing, to judging, to taking part in contests. Bright colors and 2D visuals gives this game an appealing look. Though in-app purchases is an option, you still can have a great time without poring in money. Owing to the MMO style game play the players can enjoy a lot of freedom by getting engaged in different activities, the way they want.


The game might run a little slow initially. The game has no real tutorial so new players might get a little confused when getting started.


Overall, Star Girl is a fantastic app for those who want to be celebrities. More than anything else, it ensures a great fun time to each of its players. Download the app, and get ready to fulfill your quest of becoming a celebrity.

Price: Free
Rating: 4/5


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