Tail Biter Snake: Taking Your Snakes Skills to The Next Level

Many games have been inspired by the classic mobile arcade game, Snakes, but very few have pulled off a successful twist to it in the same way Tail Biter Snake has done. Its highly simplistic 2D pixel graphics readily call to mind the said classic game, and the short arcade-style intro at the beginning is enough for users to be taken back to the golden days of the said game genre.

Even certain aspects of Tail Biter Snake’s gameplay is very reminiscent of Snakes. It’s your job to ensure that your snake doesn’t hit any obstacles as doing so would result in an instant game over. However, that’s just about where all the similarity lies. Because once you start a level, your snake is already considerably large. After all, in Tail Biter Snake your job is, as its name readily implies, is to have your snake bite its own tail.

There are no vitamins for you to swallow in order to make your snake grow bigger as well. Instead, only your skills in navigation, anticipation, concentration, and hand-eye coordination would the ones tested. You can control the snake’s movement by swiping towards the direction that you want it to go.

Additionally, in every level you may notice that there are a lot pixel dots and walls strewn all over the map. These are NOT vitamins as you may have been conditioned to think in all the number of times you played Snakes. Rather, they are the said obstacles (apart from the snake’s own body) that you have to avoid as you try to connect the snake’s head with its tail.

The game is also not endless like its predecessor. With every playthrough, you will be given a set number of lives, and if you hit an obstacle you lose one. When all your lives are spent, it results in an instant game over. Once you successfully have the snake bite its tail, though, then the level would finish and you would unlock the next one. Every playthrough displays your snake’s length (presumably in pixels) and has a timer (but not necessarily time-pressured).

Take note that the difficulty increases with every level since pixel dots and walls change positions in each one of them, and the snake’s speed and length increases as well. Of course, this only means you would have to invest greater concentration and exercise faster reflexes as you progress. This is why for players who have been fans of the classic game, this is surely one game that you shouldn’t miss out on, especially if you’re craving for a real challenge in your favorite arcade game.

The game certainly introduces a fresh twist and challenge to the Snakes series (since the game is obviously inspired by it). This is also what serves to make it stand apart from other Snake game variations that have been made at present.

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