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Test Your Reflexes With Squishy Fruit

If you are waiting for your turn in a long queue and you’ve got some time to kill, Squishy Fruit promises an entertaining and enjoyable experience. Squishy fruit lets you do just what the name suggests. You’ve just got to squash apples, oranges, bananas and pears to score points.


Squishy Fruit is a colorful game with fruits, flies and worms as the characters you’ve got to squish. Mind you, they’ve all got big eyes and cute expressions on their faces and squishing them may not make you feel particularly happy. But remember that there are loads of them around and that’s what you’ve got to do to score points and proceed to the next levels of the game.

Your finger needs to be ready to start tapping (squishing) when the fruit, worms and flies appear. You’ve got absolutely no time to relax till you complete a level. There are more than 30 exciting levels and the game is all about speed. The fruits keep appearing quickly and if you don’t squash them in time, they disappear and you will have to lose points. So you’ve got to be watchful and squish them all, as you race against time.


As I moved to higher levels I found that the game becomes increasingly challenging. The worms come out of the fruit that haven’t been squished in time and the challenge is to squish them and the fruit as well. The game tests your reflexes and rewards you for accuracy. Yosquishy fruitrel=“nofollow”>u can share your game scores with friends via Facebook or Twitter.

The app has high definition graphics and perfect music and sounds. The backgrounds change periodically and it is nice to see the action taking place in a hilly area, a field of flowers, a desert etc. The worms and flies look cute and menacing at the same time, while they wear their boxing gloves and swing their hammers to break the screen.

Squishy Fruit had me hooked to it in no time. I was all excited to compete with my friends in this squishing contest. This exciting game improved my eye-hand coordination and had me smiling like a 6-year-old.

Rating: 4/ 5

Price: Free

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